Arcana Tactics From Gamevil Has Been Released On GooglePlay & AppStore

Gamevil has officially released their new mobile game entitled Arcana Tactics. Players who are interested in this mobile RPG game can now download it from the AppStore or GooglePlay.

Arcana Tactics is a collection-hero RPG mobile game with unique gameplay. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a new game like this one that has a different combat mechanism that’s actually interesting and demands that players think tactically.

In the early-game of each stage, players will be given several one-star heroes. After defeating each wave of enemies, players will be given more heroes, players can then combine the heroes together with other heroes to become heroes with higher tiers.

Fajaryusuf.com Arcana Tactics

Each hero has a unique and different class and skill set, so it is very important to have a balanced team composition. Memorizing different hero combinations can help players form better teams later in the in-game. Players must decide whether to quickly merge heroes to a higher tier or wait for a better combination.

There are more than 139 heroes in the game when it was released. Most of these heroes can be unlocked by playing or by gacha. Having a 5-star hero at the start of the game may not be the best choice because players may not have the 4-star heroes needed to combine them during battle.

In terms of graphics, this mobile game looks simple. But this game has its own signature, 2D side-scrolling game with some stunning skills from each character.

For those players who are looking for a collection-hero mobile RPG game to play, let alone one that requires a little thought, the Arcana Tactics game is a must try!

Publisher: Gamevil

Download: GooglePlay or AppStore


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