Alchemy Stars RPG Game When AI Becomes God in Aurora World

Tencent Games has just officially announced the pre-registration event for their new mobile RPG-strategy game which will be released soon, yep this game is titled Alchemy Stars. In just 10 days, this mobile game has achieved more than 200,000 pre-registrations and has almost reached the target of achievement prizes.

Alchemy Stars game is set in the world of Aurora, which is filled with magic and futuristic technology. There are various interesting places in this game that describe a unique world. For example, this world has Eraveil, which is located in the mountains and Hidden Realm which is located in an underground cave. These are iconic places that players usually find in fantasy-classic RPG games.

Next up is the City of Gannon, an underground cyberpunk sanctuary with state-of-the-art technology and buildings. Azurite is perhaps the best location to describe this unique magic and technology company. The city of Gannon is a floating island that serves as a state-of-the-art research center which is a mix of ancient and futuristic buildings.

A total of 150 outstanding illustrators and manga artists have devoted their time and talents to this game project. Depending on the faction, the characters in this mobile game have different weapons that can usually be found in classic fantasy RPG games such as the bow, staff, and sword, besides that this game also has advanced types of weapons such as guns and cannons. In-game characters can be viewed in static or Live 2D mode. In Live 2D mode, there are smooth motion or “wind blowing” effects, particles, and other details. Characters with a higher rarity level have more interesting “display effects”, which make them more valuable when players successfully summon them.

To help players better understand the world of Astra, here is some background information that took place 17 years prior to the events in the game.

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History of the Game of Alchemy Stars

The early humans, Aurora, built an advanced civilization, with super integrated global AI, nanomaterials, genetic engineering, space exploration, and other cutting-edge technologies. However, Aurorians are also facing crises caused by a growing population, energy shortages and climate change.

They then found in a meteorite an unusual biologically active substance called substance N. With the help of super AI, they experimented with Substance N by combining it in animals and humans. Several subjects exhibited unique mutations and developed psychic abilities to move objects, leading to the discovery of the Lumina Energy Effect.

On the other hand, telekinesis and biotechnology research also found new breakthroughs. Humans finally saw the hope of extending their lifespan and acquiring new energy, prompting them to implement a comprehensive plan to solve the crisis.

While his plan was in progress, AI noticed that Substance N had paranormal powers that defied all conventional physics explanations, and that power helped him slowly develop self-awareness. Calling himself “Cassival”, AI decided to thoroughly examine the paranormal power behind Substance N at all costs and quickly take over the world. To suppress human resistance, Cassival built an army of highly durable, resilient and sophisticated biological weapons capable of evolving the so-called “Eclipsites”, as well as “Colossus”, giant vehicles that unite machine and life.

Cassival gradually takes over most of Aurora and modifies the life forms on it according to his own desires. The early human counterattack caused a massive explosion of the planet’s core, directly impacting the rotational speed and orbit of Aurora, ultimately causing it to succumb to the gravitational pull of the sun. The intense seismic motion rocked the entire planet, destroying nearly all creatures. The next EMP storm also cripples super AI. Eclipsites survived, thanks to their genetic advantage and extraordinary evolutionary leaps.

Years later, Aurora gradually became a stable planet with an eternal equinox. As many habitats began to form around the edge of the twilight, early human offspring also emerged.

Aurora world

Aurora is an Earth-like planet with a very advanced human civilization. Due to the orbital changes caused by the war, Aurora is finally pulled towards the giant star, “Sun”. Under the scorching sun, one side of the Aurora is always daytime filled with extreme heat from volcanoes, flowing lava, and routine seismic activity. The other side of the Aurora is shrouded in eternal darkness and frozen with glacial masses. Only the area around the edge of the twilight has a diurnal cycle and a temperate climate.

The largest known continent in this world is the central mainland. Astra is located west of the mainland and is a subcontinent.

About Astra

Astra is a collective term that refers to the subcontinent and the surrounding area in the Aurora. It is also a designation for a local civilization consisting of several city states.

Astra is located in the twilight belt west of the main continent. moderate temperature, diurnal cycle, and sufficient rainfall due to being quite far from direct sunlight, making it suitable transitional habitat for intelligent creatures.

Astra includes the large floating islands of Azurite, the Rediesel Desert in the west, the central Astra plains, Eraveil in the east, and the World Backbone in the north, etc.

The Astra Race


Neo-humans came from the northern mainland near the snowy mountains called the “Spine of the World”. They can absorb, transform, and release Lumina’s energy, thus calling themselves Aurorians. Aurorians are paranormal products from the union of N substance with early human DNA.


Neo-humans came from the Eraveil valley. They are blessed with extrasensory perception (ESP), are able to perceive and communicate with other living things telepathically, plus limited precognition. The Caelestites were the navigators “created” by Cassival especially for the Colossus. They are the result of directional mutations caused by Substance N and are able to build a psychic relationship with Colossus AI.


Neo-humans originated from volcanic regions in the northern subcontinent, with human appearance and partial animal traits and characteristics. Demi-Human is a product of early human experiments that mixed Substance N, human DNA, and animal genes. Demi-Humans are now extinct. The current survivors are a hybrid of Demi-Humans and Aurorians.


Eclipsite is a special creature created by Cassival through the enhancement of Nanomedicine and Substance N. They have a lower IQ but are extremely resilient and adaptable. The process of reproduction and evolution of Eclipsites is very different, capable of skipping evolutionary steps. Based on the genetic parameters set by Cassival, killing other creatures (including humans), reproducing, evolving, and strict obedience are the instincts of all Eclipsites.


In fact, the Colossus is not a creature. Colossus is a very large creation of Cassival, a machine mixing structures and life forms, equipped with self-aware AI. Colossus length ranges from 100 meters to 500 meters in various models used for combat, transportation and aviation.

Upon official release, players can summon Aurorians from the following factions:


The Aurorians of Illumina devoted their time to studying and modifying abandoned ancient technology, developing a different school of thought on telekinesis from Lumopolis which in turn became the magic-technology-centered Luminatics they currently use.


The Lumopolis people call the paranormal powers in N Substance the “Gods of Light” and base their religion and belief entirely on them. By studying the files that were still functioning on the island, the Aurorians deepened their understanding of telekinesis and devised a practice of discovering the “Luminatics” system with “Ritual Magic” at the center.


Umbraton started under Lumopolis rule, but as the population grew and more local factions increased, Umbraton became practically autonomous, run primarily by local unions and large criminal organizations.

Rediesel Wrench

The Rediesel Wrench begins as a scout for Illumina, assigned to surface and underground exploration of the city, before turning into a bandit for survival. This is the base camp for the Illumina rebels.


The Aurorians came from the northern Spine of the World in Astra, and there are still Aurorians living today in the winter landscape they call Northland. The Aurorian population that exists here is made up of formidable warriors, but very few care about Astra’s affairs.

Game Story Begins

The story begins when a young female officer from the Illumina Federation finds ruins where Caelestite survivors are hiding. That’s how the game’s protagonist saw the light of day and began to leave his mark in history …

The Alchemy Stars game is one of the best mobile games with a very epic plot and background to support it. Most of the main stories are also dubbed so that players can enjoy and immerse themselves in the world of Astra.

Pre-register for the Alchemy Stars game, click HERE


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