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Action Taimanin Has Been Officially Released On Android, iOS and Steam

Gremory Games has officially announced the release of the English version of the mobile game Action Taimanin: Near Future Shinobi Battle. Players who are interested in the released Action Taimanin game can now download the game on the AppStore, GooglePlay and Steam.

Action Taimanin is a Action RPG collection game adapted based on the Taimanin Asagi series. Players will act as sexy, beautiful and tough ninjas to defeat the devil’s enemies that have hit Tokyo.

fajaryusuf.com Action Taimanin Officially Released officialy release a

At the start of the game, players can choose to play as one of the three playable starter characters, Igawa Asagi, Mizuki Yukikaze or Igawa Sakura. Players can later buy 2 other characters using in-game gems. Players can then do Gacha for Character Support Items (weapons) which will add to the main character’s passive stats that can be played.

With Combat-wised, fajaryusufdotcom tries to play this game on Android and the movements feel a little clunky. However, the combat is quite fast and easy for players to master. So, what are you waiting for, because Action Taimanin has been released, let’s try downloading and playing this Action RPG game!

Publisher: Gremory Games

Download: GooglePlay or AppStore

Action Taimanin: Teaser Trailer


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