Voting Lancelot Bren eSports skin as the champion of M2 Mobile Legends

Players can now vote for the Lancelot Bren eSports skin survey which is specifically given to MOBA Mobile Legends Bang Bang game players. Lancelot will soon get another new skin for the umpteenth time.

This new skin for Lancelot is a special edition, because Moonton made this new skin for Lancelot as an appreciation for Bren who won M2 yesterday. Moonton officially provides a survey that can be followed by all Mobile Legends players wherever they are.

To vote for the design or appearance of this Bren eSports special Lancelot skin. Players can vote for the survey in the following ways:

  • Check the Mobile Legends in-game email entitled Hero Survey.
  • Or click the following link: https://bit.ly/3bWLDYm

In the survey, the same as the skin survey in general, players are given several designs for the Lancelot M2 skin choices. Then the player has to choose a vote, the most voted survey skin design will be made for this Lancelot hero.

Fajaryusuf.com Skin Lancelot Bren eSports m2

For information about the release date of this special Lancelot skin, it is still unclear at this time. Because this is the initial stage of work, design research, effects and so on. For information on the release date, it will be seen when the Lancelot M2 skin wallpaper is here.

Why does it have to be the Lancelot skin? Because Bren eSports previously voted on their Facebook Fanspage about the Lancelot skin or Chou’s skin which will get this special skin.

And the winner is Lancelot until finally it is officially announced by Moonton that the new skin for Bren is Lancelot.


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