More Stable Network Mobile Legends New Features

Network lagging is a problem that often occurs and is experienced by Mobile Legends players when playing. This network problem was already there from the beginning of the mobile game legends was released, an unstable network is sometimes used as one of the reasons why our team lost, and a reasonable reason for the players who experienced it. And now, in the next major Mobile Legends update, Moonton will present a new feature, namely network improvement that will solve network lag problems.

This feature to stabilize the network, is a feature that can be activated when the player uses WiFi and data packages to improve the quality of available networks. When the network used is not stable, this feature will directly change the connectivity of the existing network to another network that is more stable.

Network settings for mobile legends

But there are notes to use this feature, players must pay attention to the use of data packages. Because this feature will not only use a data plan, but also use Wifi simultaneously.

This feature is planned to be added in a next major update Mobile legends!

Developer: Moonton

Source: Leak Mobile Legends

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