Skin Starlight Khufra Mobile Legends Will Be Released in March

Khufra will officially get the Starlight Skin in March 2021 in the MOBA Mobile Legends Bang Bang game. As we already know, once a month Moonton always presents a special skin with the Starlight type into the Mobile Legends game.

Previously, the starlight skin for February 2021 was Lapu-lapu. But what will be discussed in this article is not the Lapu-lapu skin, but March starlight skin is Khufra called Dreadful Clown. Who will attend on March 1 2021.

Fajaryusuf.com Skin Starlight Khufra dreadful clown

The newest skin for the player’s favorite tank hero is very worthy for the players to get even though it’s only in the starlight skin type. For side prizes that players can get is still uncertain but getting Khufra’s latest skin is definitely very fun.

For March Starlight skin prices are still the same as previous months. If players have never bought Starlight skins at all, players will get a discount for the first purchase of this Starlight skin.

But if you have bought Starlight skins before, the price will be a fixed price, which is around 500 diamonds.

What do you think about this skin? Interested in buying this Khufra skin?

Source: Mobile Legends


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