skin esmeralda Poison Vine

Mobile Legends Player Must Know, Skin Esmeralda Poison Vine Free

Esmeralda is one of the mobile legends heroes that is favored by many players because it is overpowered, now the hero finally gets a second skin. This hero with a role tank/mage, only has 1 skin named Ruby Dusk who is a normal skin type, released at the same time the hero was released.

So it’s a bit surprising when Moonton doesn’t issue other skins, for the hero who is often banned. Finally in the next update, Esmeralda will get a new skin called Poison Ivy, and players might be able to get it for free.

Free Esmeralda Poison Vine skin
Free Esmeralda Poison Vine skin 2

The news was reported by a variety of leaked mobile legends accounts on Instagram, who posted an image related to the free skin event that will provide the Elite Esmeralda skin for free.

Players only need to play with friends in classic, ranked, or brawl mode 1 time. This is quite surprising, because the skin which is usually valued at 599 diamonds is given free by Moonton. Also, the skin is a hero skin which is quite popular for Mobile Legends players.

The free skin event is rumored to be released on Saturday, October 12th. So for you Esmeralda users, don’t forget to log in and play the Mobile Legends game to get the free skin on October 12!

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