New Hero Fighter / Mage Mobile Legends Named Silvanna

Moonton just now updating Mobile Legends advance server, Moonton gave the player good news because the update released a new hero fighter / mage that was very beautiful and elegant. Not only that, the basic attack produced is magic damage, this is quite different from other hero fighter.

This hero is named Silvanna, who is a new Fighter / Mage hero specializing in Initiator and Charge. Silvanna used a large spear as her weapon to cut down the enemies. Another cool skill that Silvanna has is very unique, with a combination of buff, damage, and the ultimate skill that can be used to lock enemy movements in one place for several seconds.


Passive Skill (Knightess’s Resolve): Each damage skill given by Silvanna will decrease the magic defense of the hero, and give a mark, if fulfilled will increase the damage given by 30%

Skill 1 (Cosmetic Lance): Silvanna swings the spear she has and gives a small stun to the enemy she is exposed to. Afterwards Silvanna can use the skill again to deal more damage to the enemy.

Skill 2 (Spiral Strangling): Silvanna rotates her spear in front of the enemy like a drill, and deals magic damage to the affected enemy, gives it a shield and pulls the enemy affected by the skill in the middle of the spear.

Ultimate Skill: Silvanna charges when using the ultimate skill, and uses the skill in the specified direction. Afterwards deal damage and lock enemy heroes in 1 small area. A locked enemy cannot come out for a while, and Silvanna’s attack speed will increase while in the area.

There has been no official news about when the release date for the new hero fighter. Even though it looks beautiful, this hero is very strong!. Yep, what do you think about this hero Fighter? Will Silvanna be a META hero later?

Silvanna Mobile Legends - Another Fighter With Magic Damage Like Guinevere!
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