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Helcurt Affected By Nerf Skill 1 No Longer Has A Silent But Slow Effect

Mobile Legends Bang Bang recently released a new patch note on the Advance server which surprised the players. Yep, on that patch note, an assassin who is famous for his silent skill and burst damage, Helcurt gets a very significant nerf. The patch update removes Helcurt’s silent effect when using skill 1 and is replaced by a slow effect.

The silent effect on Helcurt’s 1 skill will be replaced with a slow effect which will make it easier for players to chase enemies but will change the gameplay and become nerf. This may be done by Moonton, because the mage players who are often the target of Helcurt, usually will rage quit after being targeted continuously by the assassin hero.

fajaryusuf.com helcurt nerf silent slow mobile legends

However, there is no need to worry for Helcurt players, because the assassin hero will still get an additional silent effect when using the ultimate skill. But because of the long cooldown, the silent effect may only be used once per ultimate.

Of course this is a very significant nerf effect for players, because Helcurt will no longer be able to pick up enemies like Eudora or Aurora who have long enough crowd control skills with high damage.

What do you think about the nerf provided by Moonton in this latest patch? Will this nerf reduce the players who play Helcurt in every match?

Source: ML LEAK


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