This is the List of 5 Hero Counters to Beat Beatrix in Mobile Legends

Do players already know the 5 hero counters of Beatrix in the MOBA Mobile Legends game? Players don’t need to be afraid of this new marksman hero, because there are many ways to beat him, especially by using a hero counter.

Moonton recently released a new marksman hero named Beatrix, this marksman hero has 4 different types of ultimate, high mechanical skills and terrible damage from every weapon Beatrix has.

Yep, because many players are annoyed with this hero, fajaryusuf.com will help players by recommending 5 hero counters for Beatrix Mobile Legends.

Fajaryusuf.com Hero counter Beatrix mobile legends


The players would not be surprised anymore if this assassin was included in Beatrix’s counter list. Silence and damage are still very deadly for marksman heroes.


Hero who has high mobility and high damage is Beatrix’s counter, one of which is Lancelot. In the right hand, Lancelot is a very deadly hero and can easily beat Beatrix.


Harley can attack Beatrix with a combo, players can do a combo skill 2 -> 3 -> 1. But keep in mind when attacking make sure Beatrix is ​​reloading the weapon.


All marksman heroes must be afraid of Fanny except for Moskov. This Assassin Hero can kill very quickly and even the damage from Beatrix will not have much effect on Fanny or even be avoided.


Immune and Roger’s damage can defeat the weak Beatrix when reloading. Roger’s attack speed was much higher than Beatrix’s and could easily beat Beatrix.

Yep, that’s the list of Beatrix’s hero counters in Mobile Legends, most assassin heroes are because they have high enough mobility to confuse Beatrix.

Source: Mobile Legends


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