3 Jungler Mistakes in Mobile Legends that Often Occur

Do you already know 3 Jungler mistakes in the MOBA Mobile Legends game that often occur and shouldn’t be done? Jungler is a very important core role in META Mobile Legends (ML) at this time. Because the jungler is the biggest carry and producer of damage to a team.

Yep, as a good jungler player, the players certainly shouldn’t make the following mistakes, so they can become a good jungler in Mobile Legends.

Farm Minion Before 5 Minutes

The rules are very simple but mistakes often occur, because with jungle items the player will get a shortage of exp or gold obtained from the minions, for the first 5 minutes the jungler player should just do farming buffs and jungle monsters while doing ranking.

Fajaryusuf.com 3 mistakes Jungler mobile legends jungle mistakes

Not Focusing On Objectives

As a jungler player, you must actively get objectives such as turrets, turtles, and buffs. Because this greatly affects the gold and team performance during the match, and the jungler must be strong and have enough items when a team fight occurs.

Cannot Maintain a Safe Position During Teamfight

As the biggest damage dealer, the jungler player must avoid an unsafe position, because the jungler should not be easily killed by the opponent.

Without a jungler during teamfight, the damage generated by the team will not be strong enough, which is why the jungler player should not make this mistake.


Those are the 3 mistakes of Jungler in Mobile Legends that often occur and shouldn’t be done, because Jungler is an important core in META at this time.


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