ML Leak Today 14 September 2019, New 3D Model & Gameplay Skin!

Today, September 14, 2019, Mobile Legends / ML has leaked some updated content, including new gameplay skins to be released, 3D trailer for Masha vs X.Borg models, new emote, and new Animation skindisplays :

3D Model Selena Skin Starlight

The emergence of leaks about this 3D model is a big question mark for fans and players of mobile legends, because Moonton makes it very detailed, will there be a new mobile legends game with this 3D style?, Let’s just wait.

3D Model Selena Skin Starlight

Masha Release Trailer, Masha Vs X.Borg 3D

This time the Hero release trailer is very different from usual, Hero Masha will be released and with an amazing trailer. In the trailer Masha VS X.Borg looks like a 3D theme and a very good fighting game concept, many expect this Masha trailer to be Sneak Peak for the release of the newest Moonton game with the same concept as in the trailer!.

Starlight Skin November Grock

Grock was chosen to be a Hero who will have a November Starlight skin with the name Iceland Golem.

Starlight Skin November Grock

New Emote Akai, Lesley, Selena, and Grock

New emote will be released again, now there are Akai emote, Legend Lesley skin emote, October Selena Starlight emote, and November Starlight Grock emote.

New Emote Akai, Lesley, Selena, and Grock

New Recall Effect

This Recall effect will be released together with the next Hayabusa skin epic.

Display Animation Akai 50 Diamond Skin, Masha 269 Diamond Skin, Baxia 269 Diamond Skin

Selena Starlight Skin Gameplay

The effect of the Selena Starlight skin model when it turns into Attack mode is very cool!

Gameplay Skin Epic Hayabusa

This Hayabusa Epic skin is very good, with a blinding dark red and black that is very harmonious, also the subtle shadow effect of this skin makes this skin look very luxurious!

Gameplay Skin Zodiac Libra Lunox

For the Zodiac Libra Lunox skin, there is not much difference from the usual skin, even according to some players the Elite Lunox skin is better, but if you pay attention to Ultimate and every skill released by Lunox has a pretty good constellation effect.

Gameplay Skin Epic Floral Knight Lancelot

It looks like Moonton is fond of dark red, this skin produces a deep red effect with the touch of a royal soldier, there is unfortunate of this skin, due to the cloak used looks stiff compared to the more epic royal matador skin.

Gameplay Skin Elite Khufra

Again, the crimson effect of the skill produced by the elite skin of Khufra, a striking change is in the skill 2 Khufra, when Khufra becomes a violently red ball surrounded by a very fearsome snake.

Gameplay Skin Elite Esmeralda

This elite Esmeralda skin, is due to the resulting color changes, with the colors green and pink giving the meaning of pink like a beautiful rose and green like a thorny stalk.


That’s ml leak today, don’t forget to subscribe FajarYusuf.com, so you don’t miss Mobile Legends Leak info every day!.

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