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Tips Trick How to Play Among Us Mobile Game Completely

Among Us has recently become one of the popular mobile games, and has dominated the top rank of GooglePlay. So, what are Among Us? Why can so many players play this game. Among Us is a teamwork game against the traitor, or it can be called Asymmetric. There are 2 roles that players can choose, namely as The Crew and The Impostor. The Crew is a group of good people, while The Impostor is a bad guy. This mobile game can be played multiplayer from 4 players to 10 players online. However, it turns out that there are still many players who are confused about how to play the game Among Us, from that, fajaryusufdotcom in this article will discuss tips & tricks on how to play the game Among Us.

Among Us match mode can be played without an internet or local connection, and can also be online.

Local Mode:

  • There must be 1 HP that will function as a host;
  • Set up Hotspot on the host HP;
  • The game can run without a connection;
  • Maximum players: 10.

Online Mode:

  • There are three options in online mode, host, public, and private;
  • If you choose a host, you can create a game room – can set a maximum number for each role;
  • If you choose public, then you can choose the available space; You can also limit the number of importers, maps, and languages ​​in the messaging room during the game.
  • If you choose private, then you need to enter a special PIN / code.

Tips & Trick How to Play Among Us


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When the player first enters the game, the player will be determined as a Crewmate or Impostor. When a player becomes a Crewmate, the way to win is to complete all the tasks at hand. The missions that players complete are illustrated on the green bar, the more missions that are completed the more the green bar is filled. Players can see a list of missions in the upper left corner.

When completing the mission, players need a map located at the top right of the screen. When the folder is opened, the task is at the location marked with an exclamation point. The location of the player is indicated by the character icon.

Crewmate Duties:

  • Complete the task to fill the guage bar (green bar).
  • Fixing Impostor’s sabotage.
  • Pressing emergency if you want to have a discussion without waiting for someone to die first.
  • Report people who have died by pressing Report.
  • See admin map where people are and use Security or CCTV.

Broadly speaking, the task of a Crewman is to complete all tasks and find the Impostor.


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The goal of an Impostor player is to kill all of the Crewmates without being caught by other players. To win, Number of Impostors = Number of crewmates who are still alive. For example, there are 2 Impostors who are still alive, to be able to win the impostor game you have to kill a Crewmate to leave 2 players.

Impostor Duties:

  • Killing Crewmate
  • Doing a fake (pretend) task, open the folder and the player will find an exclamation point (!). There are locations or places where Crewmate cannot do this, namely moving places using Vent.
  • When becoming an Impostor, players can do sabotage to distract attention so that Crewmate has to correct the Sabotage. Players can also close the door in the Sabotage menu on the lower left side of the screen to trap Crewman from being able to enter and exit an area where the door is closed.

Broadly speaking, the goal of Impostor is to kill all Crewmates, or when the Crewmate does not succeed in fixing the Sabotage.

Rules of Match Game Among Us

When the game starts, the player is not allowed to speak or sound at all during the game. Usually a red character icon will appear indicating that the player is prohibited from speaking (SHHHHHH!).

Players can only talk when there is a Disscus! such as an emergency meeting or a dead body was found. It should also be noted that when the player is dead, they are not allowed to speak at all until the game is over. If a Crewmate is dead (ghost), the player still has tasks to complete. Please open the map, and REMEMBER the ghosts can’t talk anymore until the game is over.

There is a time when VOTE is conducted to determine who the Impostor is after discussion. Most player votes will be removed from the game. Players can also skip vote if the required information is insufficient to accuse who of the real Impostor. After all Impostors are known, Cewmate will win.


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