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Tips Build Items, Emblems, Spells, And How to Play Wanwan

The new Mobile Legends hero marksman was released on the original server recently. Like other heroes, Wanwan sells for 32,000 BP or 599 Diamond. As a new hero, users marksman must know the tips on how to play, build items, emblems, and spells for the Wanwan Mobile Legends hero so you can use Wanwan because Wanwan is one of the heroes that is quite difficult to use.

FajarYusuf.Com will provide tips on how to play, build items, emblems and spells for Wanwan Mobile Legends that you should know before buying and using Wanwan in ranked match. Yep, rather than linger, it’s better to just read carefully the tips or guides below!

Build Items Wanwan

The first tip as an opening is the selection of items that are good and right. Build items is one of the most important things so that the abilities and specializations of the hero can be maximally generated. There are several item builds that are suitable for use by Wanwan, and here are recommendations for the Wanwan item builds that are most suitable in every condition:

Swift Boots

1. Swift Boots

Must be purchased at an early game to increase movement speed and attack speed.

Berserker’s Fury

2. Berserker’s Fury

The best critical rate and critical damage enhancing items in Mobile Legends. You must buy this item after getting Swift Boots.

Endless Battle

3. Endless Battle

After buying Berserker’s Fury, you can continue to buy Endless Battle, this item is useful to increase physical attacks, and life steals so that Wanwan can live longer on team fight. This item also has a passive which is very useful for Wanwan, which can increase basic attack damage after Wanwan uses the skill.

Demon Hunter Sword

4. Demon Hunter Sword

It’s enough with a fairly large increase in physical attacks, then you can buy an item called Demon Hunter Sword to increase attack speed and life steal. This item has a passive which can increase damage when you attack hero tanks.

5. Corrosion Scythe

If the attack speed is still lacking, you should buy an item called Corrosion Scythe to increase physical attack and attack speed. Corrosion Scythe also has a passive which can reduce enemy movement speed and increase attack speed for Wanwan.

6. Blade of Despair

Must be purchased when using Wanwan to increase physical attacks by 170 points. Not only that, this item also has a passive which can increase damage by 50% to enemies whose HP is under 50%.

Wanwan Emblem Recommendation

the women's emblem

For the various emblem choices, there is only one suitable for use by hero Wanwan, the marksman emblem. This one emblem provides additional status that is very useful for Wanwan, namely physical attack, physical penetration, attack speed, life steal, and critical chance.

Upgrade the first tier emblem

You can spend all emblem points for Fatal because the upgrade gives an additional 1.20% critical chance for each level. With this upgrade, Wanwan can inflict huge critical damage in the early game.

Upgrade the second tier emblem

There are two choices that are suitable for Wanwan namely Doom to increase critical damage by 4.50% per level, and Swift which will increase attack speed by 1.50% per level. Both are equally good, just choose which one you want!

Upgrade the third tier emblem

You have to take a talent called Weakness Finder because that talent makes ordinary attacks Wanwan has an additional effect that can reduce the enemy’s movement speed.

Recommended Battle Spell Wanwan

Of the many battle spells available, there are three battle spells that are suitable for use by Wanwan user.


1. Aegis

To be able to withstand enemy damage. This battle spell is useful for dealing with heroes with high burst damage like Aldous, or Gusion.


2. Flicker

Flicker is a battle spell that is commonly used. You can chase the enemy or escape from the pursuit of the enemy using Flicker.

3. Execute

If you feel confident and don’t need battle spells to protect yourself, you can use Execute to be a finisher.

How to Play Wanwan

How to Play Wanwan

After preparing the build items, emblems, and spells have been prepared, then there are tips on how to use Wanwan.

Early Game

Because Wanwan is too weak in the Early Game, all you have to do is of course do farming. You can clean the minion wave that is on the lane, and finish off some jungle creep to increase Gold and EXP. If there is a chance, you can also take the turtles in the upper or lower lane. As much as possible you do not die in the Early Game!

Mid Game

Entering the Mid Game, you can continue to do farming, and if there is a chance to kill the enemy and ganking, then immediately finish the enemy and help your friends ganking to get additional Gold. In this phase, you can also try to take objectives such as Turtle or Turret.

Late Game

When it has been more than 13 minutes, the Late Game has arrived, Wanwan will become a scary marksman hero because Wanwan can produce enormous damage. Don’t be afraid to go forward to kill enemies and do team battles, but you also have to pay attention to your position and always look at the mini map because Wanwan has very low defense!


That’s the tips about build item, emblems, spells, and how to play Wanwan Mobile Legends that you should know if you want to use it in ranked matches!

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