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Tier List Slime Isekai Memories and how to reroll

Due to the popularity of this anime which is very popular around the world and continues to bring in new fans, it is not surprising that Bandai Namco has now decided to release Slime Isekai Memories which is a game adaptation of the anime entitled That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime (Tensura) globally. With the server opening on October 28 yesterday, Fajaryusufdotcom has gathered enough information to be summarized into content. In this article is the Tier List Slime Isekai Memories is expected to help you players to have the best character.

Slime Isekai Memories is a game that combines the gameplay of the RPG genre with Citybuilder. So not only fighting gameplay with stunning 3D graphics, players also have to build their own empire. A mode that fits perfectly with the theme of the anime’s original story that focuses on Rimuru building the Jura Tempest Federation empire.

But before you enter the game, it’s good for you to know the Tier List of the characters in this game who have different skills.

  • S+: The best character in the game
  • S: The best character in the game (has a slight weakness from S+)
  • A+: Characters with pretty good skills and useful in the game
  • A+: Character with pretty good skills and useful in the game (has a slight weakness from A+)
  • B+ & B: Characters that are only suitable for Earlygame
  • C+ & C: Bad characters

Tier List Battlechar Slime Isekai Memories

Tiers Characters Variations Rarity
S+ Tier Milim Nava Bellicose Dragoneye 5 Star
S+ Tier Elemental Colossus Golem 5 Star
S+ Tier Treyni Budding of Deep Green 5 Star
S+ Tier Rimuru Tempest Harmonizer of Monsters & Humans 5 Star
S Tier Shizue Conqueror of Flames 5 Star
S Tier Veldora Tempest Storm Dragon 5 Star
S Tier Rimuru Tempest Chancellor of Tempest 5 Star
S Tier Shuna Holy Princess 5 Star
S Tier Souei Spy in Shadows 5 Star
S Tier Beretta Arch Golem 5 Star
S Tier Orc Disaster Starved 5 Star
S Tier Charybdis Swimming Calamity 5 Star
S Tier Ifrit Burning Spirit 5 Star
S Tier Ramiris Fairy of the Labryrinth 5 Star
A+ Tier Ranga Tempest Star Wolf 5 Star
A+ Tier Shion Steel Annihilator 5 Star
A+ Tier Hakurou Instructor of Flashing Sword 5 Star
A+ Tier Milim Nava One of Oldest Demon Lords 5 Star
A+ Tier Benimaru Samurai General of Hellfire 5 Star
A+ Tier Gazel Dwargo King of an Armed Nation 5 Star
A+ Tier Milim Nava Dragon Majin 5 Star
A Tier Sky Dragon Soaring Dragon Calamity 4 Star
A Tier Fuze Guildmaster 4 Star
A Tier Salamander The Flame Master 4 Star
A Tier Trya Summer Breeze of Benevolence 4 Star
A Tier Shion Ardent Attendant 4 Star
A Tier Gabiru Waving Spear 4 Star
A Tier Shuna Excellent Tailor 4 Star
A Tier Milim Nava Delighter in Everyday Life 4 Star
A Tier Gelmud Secret Operator 4 Star
A Tier Geld Orc King 4 Star
B+ Tier Rimuru Tempest Reincarnated 4 Star
B+ Tier Garm The Armor Artisan 3 Star
B+ Tier Gobuichi The Hobgoblin Chef 3 Star
B+ Tier Psychic Elf Fortuneteller 3 Star
B+ Tier Chloe Aubert Lovely Innocence 4 Star
B+ Tier Gobta Hobgoblin Ascendant 4 Star
B+ Tier Souei Blue Gale 4 Star
B+ Tier Shuna Pink Ogre Princess 4 Star
B+ Tier Hakurou White Slash 4 Star
B+ Tier Kurobe Steel Heart of Forge 4 Star
B Tier Rimuru Tempest Swordsmanship Forge 4 Star
B Tier Light Spirit Heroic Conductor 4 Star
B Tier Veldora Tempest Proud Kin of Dragons 4 Star
B Tier Vesta Seeker 4 Star
B Tier Kaijin The Forge Artisan 4 Star
B Tier Gard Mjolmire The Competent Merchant 4 Star
B Tier Benimaru Valiant Kijin 4 Star
B Tier Ranga Loyal Wolf 4 Star
B Tier Yuuki Kagurazaka Grandmaster 4 Star
B Tier Phobio Leopard Fang 4 Star
C+ Tier Benimaru Next Clan Leader 4 Star
C+ Tier Souei Instant Spy 4 Star
C+ Tier Shion Purple Smash 4 Star
C+ Tier Rigurd Hobgoblin Monarch 3 Star
C+ Tier Alice Rondo Golem Master 3 Star
C+ Tier Kurobe Immobile Black Ogre 3 Star
C+ Tier Gale Gibson Earth Spirit Lodger 3 Star
C Tier Ryota Sekiguchi Harmonizer of Insanity & Calm 3 Star
C Tier Myrd The Construction Artisan 3 Star
C Tier Haruna The Affectionate Hobgoblin 3 Star
C Tier Butterflies of the Night Owner Bewitching Shopkeeper 3 Star
C Tier Dord The Skilled Artisan 3 Star
C Tier Kenya Misaki Heroio Vessel 3 Star

slime isekai memories tier list

Tier List Protectionchar, order from best

  • Bar Owner – Bewitching Shopkeeper
  • Charybdis – Swimming Calamity
  • Dord – Skilled Artisan
  • Elemental Colossus – Golem
  • Fuze – Guildmaster
  • Garm – Armor Artisan
  • Gobuichi – Hobgoblin Chef
  • Haruna – Affectionate Hobgoblin
  • Ifrit – Burning Spirit
  • Kaijin – Forge Artisan
  • Light Spirit – Heroic Conductor
  • Milim Nava – Bellicose Dragoneye
  • Mjollmire – Competent Merchant
  • Myrd – Construction Artisan
  • Orc Disaster – Starved
  • Psychic Elf – Fortune Teller
  • Ramiris – Fairy of the Labyrinth
  • Salamander – Flame Master
  • Sky Dragon – Soaring Dragon of Calamity
  • Veldora Tempest – Storm Dragon
  • Veldora Tempest – Proud Kin of Storm Dragons
  • Vesta – Seeker

How to Reroll in Slime Isekai Memories

Here’s how to Reroll in Slime Isekai Memories:

  1. Open game
  2. Play tutorials and collect pre-registration rewards
  3. Use rewards for Summons to get characters in Gacha
  4. If you want to reroll, then restart or enter the main menu screen
  5. Click on the “Menu” button
  6. Pay attention to the bottom left corner of the screen
  7. Click “Delete Game Data”
  8. Now you can play the tutorial again and reroll to get the character you want


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