About Spongebob Move In, And Guide To Play It

Who does not know Spongebob?, This one character is already familiar in the world, not only among children, but also adults must know the character of this yellow box.

This time there is a game that is quite interesting, namely SpongeBob Moves In, this game presents various Nickelodeon characters from movie Spongebob Squarepants.

This game requires players to build a bikini bottom city, at the beginning of the game, this city only has a small population, and there is still a lot of land that is not yet open.

Spongebob move on guide

There are still a few buildings available, if player wants to add another buildings such as Patrick’s house, Sandy‘s house and other character’s house, player must buy with coins or jellyfishFajarYusuf.Com will provide a little guide for beginners for player Spongebob Move In.

How To Get Coins and Jellyfish

How do you get the coins or jellyfish, players have to sell food to the residents, they will later pay with coins or jellyfish.

To get jellyfish is very difficult, because usually the residents pay using coins, rarely pay using jellyfish.

Make A Food Menu

To make a food menu, player must start planting first, planting tomatoes, onions, and cabbage. The three vegetables are the main ingredients and can be processed into other menus.

Don’t forget to make bread as the main ingredient for making krabby patty. This bread is obtained separately, if sufficient player coins buy immediately and build the bakery so as not to run out of bread.

Building Houses To Adds Population

Spongebob home move in

Every building that is built will add 1 resident, for example we will build Patrick’s house, so when the house is finished, Patrick will automatically become a new resident as well as the others.

Every house that is built does not turn out right away, there is a time interval. This time interval also applies to other infrastructure.

Every house that is completed will give a coin to player with a certain time interval. Players can also beautify the city that is being built with trees, plants, sculptures, seats, parks and so on, all the decorations can be bought using coins or jellyfish.

Benefits of Jellyfish Spongebob Move In

Jellyfish is very difficult to get, unless player buys it. With Jellyfish, players can speed up development time intervals, speed up cooking process, make bread, buy various kinds of necessities, buildings, and city decorations. In fact, if player wants to build something but lacks coins, jellyfish can be used instead of coins.

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