3 Ways to Overcome Stuck Loading Screen in Mobile Legends

Have you ever experienced stuck on the loading screen of Mobile Legends ? Did you know, there are actually 3 ways to overcome being stuck on the loading screen of the MOBA Mobile Legends game.

Want to know what are the ways or tips for fixing stuck loading Mobile Legends? Listen carefully to the article below because this method is based on the experience of MLBB players who have successfully overcome ML stuck loading:

Fajaryusuf.com Stuck Loading Mobile Legends

Clean Cache Mobile Legends and Restart Mobile

This method is very common, namely by clearing the cache in the Mobile Legends application and restarting the cellphone.

Remove Unused Applications

By deleting unused applications on your smartphone, your smartphone will not experience full memory storage.

As much as possible, leave 1-3 GB of storage space so you can smoothly play ML games, starting from the time you enter the game loading until the match starts.

Open the Mobile Legends application without an internet connection

This method is the most effective, namely by trying to open the Mobile Legend application without using an internet connection.

When loading the screen there will be a warning, then you have to confirm, then be directed to exit and enter again, but after this using an internet connection, then you will enter the MLBB in-game lobby.


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