PMCO Tournament News: Team RRQ TCN Must Move To BOOM ID

Not only has Mobile Legends division, RRQ also has many other game divisions, one of which is PUBG MOBILE Division.

This division has 2 teams, namely RRQ Ryu and RRQ TCN. RRQ TCN is one of the strong RRQ teams for PUBG MOBILE division.

The TCN TCQ Team Must Move to BOOM ID

However, bad news struck the team RRQ TCN. Because, RRQ TCN must move to BOOM ID.

This is related to PMCO tournament rules made by Tencent Games, which only allow one team to send one team representative to PMCO tournament.


Reporting from the official RRQ Instagram, RRQ announced releasing RRQ TCN to BOOM ID so they could get a chance to fight in the next PMCO Season.

BOOM ID itself already has three teams in PUBG MOBILE division, such as BOOM Hydra, BOOM Kraken, and BOOM Siren.

The next PMCO season will be held in August to December and will be held with total of 10 regions which will send their strongest teams.

In addition, Tencent offers a fantastic total prize of USD 2.5 million or around IDR 25 Billion.

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